Sunday, September 27, 2009

Counting Down the Days

We're totally almost there. Though we don't want to disclose when our grand opening day is for the reason that there might still be some surprises along the way, we're super close to the big day! We just keep on working everyday to accomplish little things such as ordering stuff, major organizing and cleaning.

Everything looks good so far and we're scheduling our final round of inspections this week. Fingers crossed that everything will go smooth sailing.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Highs and Lows

As first time business owners, opening up a new venture is indeed very tough. There are always surprises here and there..costs that we didn't expect in the beginning. I guess that's all part of it. Part of the twists and turns that one encounters as part of a business. Despite all these things, not to mention the hardships dealing with our contractors, we are still very grateful for the good samaritans that helped us along the way. One of the biggest surprises that we encountered so far was that the ice cream display cabinet we purchased long time ago (once delivered) wouldn't fit into our entrance door. It was sent back to UPS Freight in San Leandro. After dealing with the not very helpful sales guy, we managed to think of a solution ourselves. We decided to have it redelivered to our door again 2 days ago. We tried to disassemble it ourselves (with the help of another great friend)..only finding out that it still wouldn't fit through the door. Thankfully, the driver of the UPS Freight decided to help us with his truck and after grueling 2hrs on the side of the street, the gigantic 900lbs machine made its way inside! Alleluia!!! If not for the UPS guy, we couldn't have made it. We are quite lucky for having someone that helpful. No, it doesn't happen in everyday life. That was one of the days that we met an "angel". And yeah, we promised him unlimited ice cream once we open.

Another thing we have to be thankful of are the great sales and service people we had to deal with along the way. They made our lives easier by being very efficient and effective in their respective fields. In other words, dealing with them was smooth and not a wasted time at all. From furniture, paint, lighting, health department, dealer of supplies and equipments, each of those individuals deserve awards for their expertise. May there be a lot more of those kind of people in this world we live in!!